November 23, 2010

She came to me
She did
‘Tis true
My fairy godmother
Told me
All I must do
To live a life
Free and true
She told me true
I swear
You see
Everything life can be
Is hidden inside a fairy tale
Blows where it will
O’er hill and dale
‘Tis true
‘Tis true
Said she to me
The fairy tale’s the place to be
All that lives and breathes our air
Is found in fairy tale
Safe and fair
Sleeping Beauty
The Princess and the Pea
A life well lived
If lived
Said she
Is lived inside a mystery
Mysteries whisper
Mysteries whirl
Slip inside the curl
Of the fairy tale wave
And ride and ride
Until the grave
Remember always
She said to me
The sweetness of the mystery

© Anaïs Saint-Jude, 2017.

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